Tuesday, 13 June 2017

National government: Uncaring on Issue of GST on Female Sanitary Products

The New Zealand government seems too scared to change the law's around GST to improve the lives of the most dis-advantaged woman in society. The blunt and emotionless rebuff by Judith Collin's over this core issue denies human self worth and dignity to our wahine. Time and time again we have witnessed the increase in GST in our country. Yet, when nearly 30,000 kiwi's signed a petition for the opposite to occur on one small everyday item the blue meanie's say no. The government seems to be only interested in taking money off people without offering any genuine gestures of good will to struggling Kiwi's throughout the country, that's a sad reality. I wonder if Judith Collin's was dropped into a parallel universe overnight becoming homeless, struggling to buy sanitary products instead choosing to feed herself, whether she would have a different perspective on the issue. I have an inkling she would! The reason National doesn't want to remove GST on basic human necessities, is because they know, as soon as they do, there will be a ground swell for the government to remove GST on the most basic human necessities; food, bread, milk and water. Our nations depressing children poverty rate conveys that a vast section of New Zealander's are clearly struggling to feed their young families. This is not good enough, we should not be treating hardworking families as disposable people. A strong, decisive and peaceful act of retaliation is needed to express the anger and disappointment around the failure of government to address GST on sanitary products. All New Zealander should temporarily boycott Fonterra products. Until the government adequately justifies why GST on sanitary products should not be removed. It's time the National party and their lack of respect for human dignity is dealt with by hitting them where it hurts their bank accounts and their precious GST on farming produce. I would strongly encourage everyone to buy soy milk, almond milk, cat milk (just joking) any alternative milk product to put pressure on the current government. New Zealander's must wake up to the reality that we too can deny the government their precious GST revenue, just as they deny us any exception's on basic human necessities.

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