Monday, 11 January 2016

Number One Dreams

Dreams are beautiful because they don't always last and only a few survive the rest are broken shattered tortured or meekly forgotten. When you look out across a city while standing upon a tall suburban mountain the houses are like insect locusts or ants each one containing 5 10 20 dreams each. But just like the trash that has to go out every week so do our dreams and life continues in it's mundane ordinary way. But what is it like to live a dream what do you think of at night when your sleeping do you see yourself like in real life or are you tortured by other dreams that got away. Try and remember when you are jealous of another who is possibly living your dream that such an individual possibly had so many more dreams but gave them all up for one.    And a person who attains there number one dream is a very rare individual indeed :) 

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