Monday, 23 February 2015

Sam Smith Winning best Stolen Song of the Year - He's Still Great!!

Man its pretty funny how Sam Smith had a clean sweep of the Grammy's for a song he didnt write ;)  I heard that Tom Petty got a certificate to acknowledge that he had contributed to the making of "Stay With Me"  Smith's questionable attributed re-hash of " I Wont Back down" that won best song and record of the year. They give out certificates to people who have had their songs sampled!?

And then the academy turned around and didnt give Mr Petty a look in for his first good album in a while that was quite successful "Hypnotic Eye". If I was his manager I would have told the people who run the Grammy's 'hey you better make sure Tom Petty wins rock album of the year or else he might just head up on stage like Kanye West did to Taylor Swift and go one step further than grabbing the mic instead taking the award from Sam golden boy Smith!!!" haha

Anyway Volita Pearl Bioletti​ should be happy she said hey thats a Tom Petty song as soon as she heard "Stay with Me". Myself I'm still happy because Sam Smith is great singer one of the best artists currently its just unfortunate he didnt clear the song before releasing it I quick phone call wouldve saved everyone a lot of problems :)

I blame his co-writers for putting him in such an awkward position Sam didnt even know the song but gets all the flack from suppossed song-writers man stealing a song aint song writing haha

Speaking of sampled songs Gotye sampled a tune for 'Someone that I You'se To Know" anyone seeing a pattern here! 

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