Thursday, 4 December 2014

Delete Delete - Take Their First Steps on Mars with ""Broken Heart Kid" (New Music Video)

 Our good friends Delete Delete have just released a new music video for their latest song 
"Broken Heart Kid" and it was shot on Mars!!! 

The video was made by the talented Damon Keen. The video stars Kassie Watson from "Last Flight" while Lance Wordsworth carrying out director of photography duties and Sarah Butler, Kiri Maxwell and Amie Maxwell all helping produce the video. 

The song is a monumental intergalactic dance anthem of unrequited love. and when listens to the song while experiencing the video it creates a very striking parallel world on Mars which as a species we are yet to explore. The video is powerful in its vivid depiction of a human beings first steps on Mars. And yes they do have Seagulls on Mars like Earth too but they look far scarier with there red outlines around their martian eyes arghh. 

There are so many great shots in this video its hard to pick one so I haven't their all great!! 
But then I found some great stills on Delete Delete's Facebook here:

Best Moss 

Also loving "Sedated" what a catchy and fun tune, it makes me want to partee

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