Saturday, 6 September 2014

What I'm Listening too - Gabrielle Aplin, Xing, Saint Raymond

 Gabrielle Aplin

Awesome singer songwriter from Bath in the U.K. Her song "Please Don't Say You Love Me" has just gone platinum in Australia. It's a very heartfelt song and Australian's are really digging it.
She's born in 1992. She writes about "things i've done, places i've been, people i've met, cats i've met, dogs i've met... food..."


A band from California, USA. This song is awesome because its a folk song very similar to all top 40 folk songs that have blown up but has some rocker edge. The string arrangement's kickass, vocal performance is nice and trippy and I like the big chorus sing along!! yes yes :)

Saint Raymond

Massive new artist Saint Raymond delivered up a brilliant pop song on "I Want You" this song really sounds so good and perfect. I like the lyrics again the vocal performance is amazing but I especially like the production on this song. I'm not sure if Jake Gosling had something to do with it maybe not but man this song is sweet!!

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