Thursday, 5 June 2014

Powerball - Jacksonville Beach Florida Rockers that Destroy

This week I got a kick-ass link to Powerball's face-melting rock performance in Jacksonville USA. It was sent my way by my good friend and fellow RockNRolla  Lyle T Reimann. I've got to say "War Pigs" was sensational and the riffage was totally off the meter. Not only that Powerball's frontman held it down with a veterans conviction and the drums well they were being smashed into an early retirement just the way I like it!!!. Well i've got to say it was awesome to watch this video and will make sure Volita checks it out and studies the shredding of Thommy Berlin a true master of the full on Axe-Attack. Shit this makes me want to go smash the shit out of a drum kit and that's a great feeling. Great work guys The Neo-Kalashnikovs Salute You!!! all the way from the land of the Kiwi :)


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  1. Much love for our KIWI brothers and sisters the Neo Kalashnikovs!