Friday, 8 March 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - On Las Vegas Strip

Man walking around Las Vegas is such a trip. We had our personal buddy Marko Gregetti rolling around with us when we were their. The really great thing about Vegas in The Neo's opinion is the ability to drink on any street. They actually sell drinks directly on the street, we all each got a huge long island that was insane to celebrate such lenience. Although I was slightly nervous as there were cops around and I wasn't 21 but all was sweet.

After checking out all of the lights we went back to our hotel the "El Cortez" and gambled away some dollars .Marko almost lost all his money but I stepped into the breach and put some cash on the line and we clambered our way back to break even, winning.
It was a pity the 3 million dollar machine only spat out $15 for us like 5 times instead of a mill haha. If you ever get to Las Vegas you won't regret it but man it's hot in the desert.


The Neo-Kalashnikovs debut rock album "She's On Heat" is available Below as a free download:

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