Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lana Del Ray: Born To Die (album Review)

Lana Del Ray: Born to Die

I think to objectively review "Born To Die" on it's merits one needs to firstly address the swirling allegations that Lana Del Ray is a fraud and a rich girl who doesn't deserve anything. Just google the studio and you can see that she recorded her break out song "Video Games" in squalor. The studio is arguably run by Sony BMG however the hard times of the record industry are drastically apparent as the studio consists of virtually only a computer and a pair of speakers. Lana Del Ray's dad may be a millionaire but if she has been being spoon feed millions it doesn't make sense that she would sign a record deal for $10,000 and move into a trailer park in upstate N.Y to write her songs. 

In terms of the music on the album its great. I'm not saying their aren't only positives but in terms of a hit album that has immediate appeal this is a great album. My personal favorites are "Video games" which uniquely ties sparse electro-symphony production to an 1950's swag. While "Summer Time Sadness" has a melancholy hipster edge. Standouts are also "National Anthem" that chucks a nod to J.F.K (R.I.P) and "Blue Jeans" for it's contemporary take on modern life/love that conjures striking imagery through it's lyrical beauty.

  Moss Bioletti (The Neo-Kalashnikovs)

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